Charles Wuorinen's "Brokeback Mountain" (Austrian Premiere, World Premiere of Chamber Version ) Landestheater Salzburg 27 February, 2016

"A powerful evening at the Salzburg State Theatre: in its new version, the opera Brokeback Mountain is edgier and more urgent […] what conductor Adrian Kelly and the twenty-four brilliant soloists of the Mozarteum Orchestra achieve in terms of precision and clarity is impressive. Every part seems to fit like a glove, but without being too tight, that is to say, also with the necessary freedom to allow the grainy music to breathe...Every singer fits their role like a glove, even in the smallest roles. A powerful evening.

Salzburger Nachrichten

"The musical interpretation is a complete success: for in spite its enormous challenges, the music is delivered by Adrian Kelly conducting the Mozarteum Orchestra with admirable concentration and immense accuracy. The ensemble of singers is also excellent.

"Permanent changes of tempo and meter demand the highest level of concentration of the members of the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg. A strong performance which would surely not have been possible without Adrian Kelly's precise baton technique.

"Conductor Adrian Kelly and the Mozarteum Orchestra proceed with remarkable fearlessness, prepared to take risks despite the unfamiliar challenge"

Münchner Merkur

Mozart "Don Giovanni" Landestheater Salzburg 20 January, 2016

Adrian Kelly conducts and, from a group of individually not particularly remarkable voices, creates a more than convincing whole, with precisely coordinated ensembles and strong music dramaturgy in both tempo and emphasis.

"Special praise for the orchestra and the sensitive conductor Adrian Kelly. Alone the refinement of the overture delights. A impressive and eventful evening."
Der neue Merker

"For Adrian Kelly lets rip with Mozart to such an extent that it is dizzying- and this for the entire evening. With this the "Don Giovanni" from the Salzach becomes as entertaining as rarely. Taut, streamlined and with a never-tiring sense of drama, Kelly and the Mozarteum Orchestra put the emphasis on trembling tension from the very beginning.

Ernst Krenek "Jonny spielt auf " Landestheater Salzburg,  7 December 2013

The conductor Adrian Kelly guides his musicians expertly and nonchalantly through the score"

Opernwelt February 2014 issue 

"The Mozarteum Orchestra under Adrian Kelly might have played in the background, but was fittingly acclaimed as the cornerstone of the opera. There was a strong, long-lasting ovation."

Die Furche 12 December 2013 

"Jonny spielt auf"- is being performed for the first time since its Salzburg premiere in 1968- at the Landestheater Salzburg. The opera director Andreas Gergen stages the opera by Ernst Krenek with a stage design by Court Watson. The Mozarteum Orchestra plays und the musical direction of Adrian Kelly. A wild story- stringently told, and with brilliant music-making……the conductor manages the transitions between Charleston and grand arias just as effortlessly as the stage director the changes of location from mountain path to dance floor.

Drehpunktkultur 9 December 2013   

"The sound comes from the background- for the Mozarteum Orchestra is seated on the stage, from where , under its heroically coordinating conductor Adrian Kelly, it creates remarkable feeling and pep."

Salzburger Nachrichten 9 December 2013 

"..because the conductor Adrian Kelly has a sense for the many subtleties in the score and is able to get the best out of the musicians, who are seated behind the performers" 16 December 2013 

Gluck, "Die Pilger von Mekka", Landestheater Salzburg, 27 October 2013

"It is an all-round charming Turkish Opera which had its premiere(10/27) in the Landestheater on Sunday. The Mozarteum Orchestra under the baton of Adrian Kelly was once more on top form with "Die Pilger von Mekka" and told the story of the music as if it had done nothing else since since its creation: glowing in the strings, indulgent in the woodwind sound, brilliantly distinctive in its phrasing, spirited and dynamic in  its musical attitude." 

DrehPunktKultur 28 Oktober 2013  

"Adrian Kelly inspired the Mozarteum Orchestra to accurate music-making in natural  measured tempi with fine solos, exquisite details and a breezy manner with a turkish twist."

Reichenhaller Tageblatt  30 October 2013  

"The seasoned Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg under the direction of the british conductor Adrian Kelly provided a snappy rendition of the musically delightful score.."

Der Neue Merker 3 December 2013 

Massenet "Werther" Landestheater Salzburg , 9 March 2013

"Passion also resounds from the orchestra pit. The Mozarteum orchestra, conducted by Adrian Kelly, performs with a smaller complement to suit the size of the theatre.  In his hands Massenet’s inspired music blossoms with the greetst accuracy and fills the space with high-voltage drama. The famous spark between orchestra singers and audience was palpable : The euphoric applause lasting minutes shows that Massenet’s "Werther" with its strong emotions is as up to date as ever." 11 March 2013 

"At no point is false sentimentality in evidence. That is good for Massenet's sumptuous tonal language even though one might occasionally wish for more string sound. With a fine sense of dramatic accent and fluid balance, the conductor Adrian Kelly does, on the other hand, achieve a subtle and often delicate range or voices from the (wind) instruments. The Mozarteum Orchestra plays Massenet as a seemingly modern late romantic composer with great attention and concentration, pointed, dry and without heaviness: a convincing reading."

Salzburger Nachrichten 11 March 2013

"The music as given by Adrian Kelly with the Mozarteum orchestra complements the modern and unpretentious staging.  The lovely melodies are of course given their full prominence, as well as the indulgent melancholy and the despair of the score, coloured by the bassoon and Bassett horn.   Even in the slightly reduced orchestra size, there is in the taste for grand opera a clear similarity with Puccini.  That is by no means a disadvantage.  It enables wonderful singing and fine expression."

DrehPunktKultur 10 March 2013 

"At the helm of the Mozarteum Orchestra, Adrian Kelly was able to inspire the orchestra musicians to top form, especially in the dramatic scenes.  It was noticeable how he brought this extraordinary and yet demanding score to life.  The commitment of orchestra and conductor made an essential  contribution to the success of Salzburger Landestheater’s premiere of this opera so rarely performed here." 

Dorfzeitung 13 March 2013 

Mozart "Musica Speranza", Landestheater Salzburg, 18 September 2011

"The C minor Mass in a baroque theater, added to brilliant, catchy arias and an on-form Mozarteum Orchestra, conducted by the thoughtful and confident Adrian Kelly."

APA 20 September 2011

"Adrian Kelly with the Mozarteum Orchestra gives delicacy and space to the Mass and to the arias."

Kronenzeitung 20 September 2011

"A celebration for the Mozarteum Orchestra in the pit, which, under the profound direction of Adrian Kelly drives the action on stage forwards, and ensures that there is never a boring moment throughout the more-than two hour performance."

SVZ 20 September 2011

"Adrian Kelly is a conductor who approaches the work with knowledge of performance practice, and he manages to bring the chorus with him a good deal. It remains admittedly the evening of the Mozarteum Orchestra, which knows exactly how to play this piece.

A joy to listen to the woodwinds, in the mass as well as in the arias."

DrehPunktKultur 19 September 2011

"The chorus was in excellent form and deserves along with the soloists extra praise for singing from memory, which with this type of concert music constitutes an estimable achievement. The Mozarteum orchestra spreads "Mozart Joy" under the exciting direction of Adrian Kelly. The entire woodwind section "sings" its solos with wonderful cantilenas and the orchestral palette of colours is rich, the tempos dynamically fresh and the entire sound is big positive for the performance."

Reichenhaller Tagblatt 19 September 2011

Rossini "Aschenputtel im Schloss", Landestheater Salzburg, 1 April 2012

"The Mozarteum Orchestra in the pit, conducted by Adrian Kelly, plays with stirring spirit and fine transparency."

DrehPunktKultur 2 April 2012

Carlisle Floyd "The Passion of Jonathan Wade", Landestheater Salzburg,     16 May 2010

"Adrian Kelly with Mozarteum Orchestra succeeded in finding the balance between playing powerfully and dramatically whilst also building and contrasting an almost chamber music-like atmosphere."

DeutschlandRadioKultur 18 May 2010

"There was a great ovation for the Mozarteum Orchestra and its conductor Adrian Kelly, as well as for Julianne Borg and Hubert Wild in the main roles."

ORF 18 May 2010

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